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Baby Bump Casting

The transformation that the female body goes through during pregnancy represents the strength and the flexibility of women. It is an honour to work with women as they prepare for the birthing process and motherhood. 

By casting the pregnant body I create a piece of sculptural art that is unique to you. The words, drawings and colours that emerge from your casting are a snapshot of your pregnancy, and your hopes and dreams for the baby you're carrying.

The cast can be made at any time during the pregnancy, but aesthetically I recommend 4-6 weeks before the due date.

Basic Cast $60.00

Mother's Belly and Breasts are casted with plaster bandages. Left as it is. Raw and unfinished.

Repairing and/or reinforcing the cast you made yourself $60.00

Includes re-enforcement, trimming, sanding, smoothing, primer and painted a single colour of your choice.

Finished Belly Cast $90.00

Includes the process of the basic belly cast and additional re-enforcement, trimming, sanding, smoothing, primer and painted a single colour of your choice.

Decorated Belly Cast $120.00 and Up

Includes everything included with the Finished Belly Cast PLUS custom design and painting. Comes with clear coat protection, hanging wire &/or ribbon.

 I work with you to design your cast .

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Belly Henna

About The Art Of Henna

Henna is a safe, beautiful and medicinal natural dye made from the Lawsonia Inermis plant. The red-tinted dye of this small bush has been used in ceremony and transition for over 9,000 years to symbolize beauty, strength, and connection. Countries such as Morocco and India traditionally apply henna during the third trimester of pregnancy, as it is believed to protect and bless the mother and child, ensuring a safe, healthy and peaceful delivery.

Henna is the perfect gift for a shower or Mother Blessing.  It is easy for Mama, as I come to her home or party with all henna supplies. I also bring relaxing tea and essential oils for a Thai massage of her hands & feet. 

Designs Are Priced By Size:

  • Small: $35
  • Medium: $50 
  • Large: $65

Mother Blessing

If you would like a telephone or in home consultation to plan a Mother Blessing, please contact me @ 250.886.1900 or

What is a Mother Blessing?

A Mother Blessing is a celebration of life and love, pregnancy and motherhood. It has evolved from a traditional Navajo ceremony concerned with healing, creation, harmony and peace to a ritual of empowerment and faith. In appreciation for and honour of new mothers and their transition into this new role, the purpose is to give them strength and support while affirming that they will have a beautiful birth experience.

How is a Mother Blessing different from a baby shower?

Very simply, showers are for the new baby and a Mother Blessing is more for the new mother. Traditionally, baby showers tend to have the giving of gifts for the new child as the central focus of the event. While they are fun and often necessary, it is also important to specifically recognize the new mother and celebrate what she is and will be going through. While presents are generally not a part of a Mother Blessing, attendees are encouraged to bring personal mementos, photographs, hand-written blessings or small items for the new mother’s “nurture basket” instead.

Who throws the Mother Blessing?

Mother Blessings can be thrown by anyone who wishes to celebrate a loved one’s transition into motherhood. Often, mothers, grandmothers, sisters or aunts host the gathering but husbands and friends may do so as well. 

Why should you have a Mother Blessing?

The birth of your child is an important part of growing up and becoming a woman. It is a hectic time, filled with planning and preparation for your new arrival. However, it is very important to take a step back and reflect on the path you’ve taken to reach this point and to also look forward to the exciting new journey you are about to embark upon. Mother Blessings are a celebration of womanhood, femininity, family and friendship; but most of all, they are a time to recognize the importance of motherhood  and of becoming a mother yourself. These are opportunities to pass on sage advice or words of wisdom, to share stories and experiences, to laugh and love with one another before life changes forever (for the better, of course), and to prepare, strengthen and encourage the new mother for a positive and uplifting birth experience.

Who attends a Mother Blessing?

Mother Blessings are typically small gatherings of a woman’s closest and most intimate friends and/or family members.  However, they can be as large or as small as you desire. Women with children are often encouraged to bring them along, though some prefer to make it an adult-only affair. In addition, Mother Blessings are traditionally a time for the women of a family, a tribe or a community to come together but some encourage men to attend as well.

Where are Mother Blessings held?

Generally, the Mother Blessing is hosted by someone close to the expecting mother who chooses an available location. Mother Blessings are often thrown in homes, that of the host and/or the expecting mother herself for convenience and comfort, or elsewhere if neither of those options are possible. Mother Blessing can be thrown in public spaces, even outdoors at a local park, beach or garden.